Free videos

Below you can watch our 3 free videos:

1. Touch for Health 14 muscle tests
2. Touch for Health pre-testing
3. Touch for Health meridian massage

1. Video Touch for Health testing 14 muscles

From now on our TiP 42 Muscle Film is for sale to be used by:

  • Instructors TFH to use in the TFH courses as a supplement to the recognized teaching material.
  • Students TFH to use as practice material.
  • Colleagues who want to refresh their practical knowledge.

2. Video Touch for Health pre-testing
Below you can watch the video of the pre-tests of Touch for Health. Take advantage of it and learn your pre-tests in an easy way!

 3. Video meridian massage
Below you can watch the meridian massage video.
Learn the course of the meridians in the order of the meridian wheel and give yourself an energetic massage!

Be sure to take a look at our Touch in Pictures online store for all the useful products we have created to make working with and learning Touch for Health even more fun!!!